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So do I, join me on my continuing adventure to be Locally Dressed

Do you want to wear clothing that reflects your dedication to your local community & the planet?

Have you heard about the
NNE Fibershed Design Challenge?

Overshirt by Slow Process, t-shirt by Solid State Clothing, upcycled jeans by me!

*Note where items were not available locally I purchased from US Fibersheds, swapped, and upcycled my own clothing.

Join me and let's build a community investing in local fiber businesses!


Where are Mills in NH and surrounding areas for fiber processing.

Fiber dyers and cloth producers in NH and the surrounding areas.

Where you can purchae local yarn and find local designers and artisans in NH and surrounding areas.

Want to learn more about Fibersheds in the New England Region?


Western Mass. Fibershed


Vermont Fibershed


NNE Fibershed


Locally Dressed 

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