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Do you want to wear clothing that
reflects your dedication to your local
community & the planet?

So do I


Join me and let's build a community investing in local fiber businesses!


The Challenge 
To create & purchase clothing made from materials sourced
from local fiber farms & processed in local mills. 

Local is defined as within 150 miles of my home in Chesterfield, New Hampshire.

I wear ONLY this clothing for ONE YEAR.

I will blog my journey from assembling the wardrobe through the 

Year of being Locally Dressed.*

*Note: Where I cannot source clothing locally I will purchase from other US Fibersheds or local businesses making sustainable clothing and make do with what I already own.

Where are Mills in NH and surrounding areas for fiber processing.

Fiber dyers and cloth producers in NH and the surrounding areas.

Where you can purchae local yarn and find local designers and artisans in NH and surrounding areas.


Locally Dressed 

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