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Aprons: What's Old is New?

I get emails from an Etsy seller that specializes in vintage sewing patterns. It’s fun to look at the styles from the 50s-80s and laugh at a few! But, it also got me wondering...

Kida and adult making pasta
One of my Mother's 1950s Apron - small but mighty. Bonus I can fit it around my waist!

TV Moms in Aprons

A while back this seller sent an email that had many different apron patterns to choose from and I thought, who wears aprons anymore? Once hung in every kitchen and often tied around the waist of TV housewives in the 50s and 60s, they are rarely seen in kitchens today.

Man Grilling (Pexel - RONDEA Productions)

The more I thought about aprons, the more I realized that when we have fewer clothes, we take better care of them, including wearing an apron. Tying on an apron is now almost lost to our culture, except at the grill during the summer months or in grocery stores to protect clothing.

Connecting to the Past & Loved Ones

After perusing the choices of apron patterns available, I dug out my Mom’s aprons that I couldn’t part with and that I should begin wearing. And, not only for my challenge, but to protect my clothing while cooking and cleaning. Wearing these aprons will also help me feel connected to my mother who is no longer here. At the same time, I'll be gentler on my clothing, enabling me to wear it longer between washings.

Bringing Back the Past - Using what I already Own

I also plan to make a few aprons from cotton fabric I have had for decades. If I am honest, it's been laying in a box awaiting its chance to get out. It's fabric purchased when I was going to quilt and abandoned when I simply didn’t have a mentor to help me. I admit, I didn’t have the patience on my own. But now, the fabrics I was so attracted to will find a new purpose.

Do you wear Aprons?

Where and when do you wear aprons? If you don't, would you consider starting? Let me know and send me an image of your apron on my Instagram and Facebook or you can post it and tag @locallydressed. Maybe we can inspire each other to start using aprons and not using chemicals to remove marinara sauce from favorite t-shirts or tops. Aprons are meant to be stained and show that they are loved and used!


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