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Ash & Rose from Massachusetts - Using Dead Stock Materials

Massachusetts is home to a clothing line dedicated to using deadstock materials, leftover fabric or scraps that would typically end up in landfills and incinerators. Although the presence of these deadstock fibers is a symptom of the overconsumption of clothing, until there is a better solution, companies that use these fibers and keep them from the waste system are worth investing in if you really need a new garment.

Ash & Rose kimono-style Maxi dress

What is Deadstock?

Deadstock material is overages or waste material from the apparel industry. For multiple reasons it is not being purchased by those who commissioned the materials. So, it would be thrown away. Small design houses are currently purchasing these materials for several reasons. One of them is to use materials that exist rather than having new materials created for them. This is a worthy pursuit.

Deadstock materials are also less expensive and allows garments to be created within the US at prices that more consumers can afford. These materials are often natural and man-made but from other countries.

Finally, this isn't a definitive solution to the over-consumption of fashion. The fact that all this materials exists is really a sign of an industry that isn't policing itself. So for now, purchasing garments made from deadstock is a way to support local makers as they strive to bring back local design. It's also a way to keep some materials out of the landfill for a bit longer.

Look for the Ash & Rose Collection

The website has many different designers striving to be sustainable. But, if you are looking for fashions made in the US and local to us, then when you are searching, be sure to choose the brand - Ash & Rose.

If another brand catches your eye—read about their practices and where they source materials and where the garment is assembled. The information is provided for you to make your own analysis about the other brands that are carried.

Because I want to support local designers, I choose to shop only the Ash & Rose brand, which offers a collection of tops, skirts, and dresses. The maxi dresses caught my eye as they seem to be such a summer staple—easy to wear and a good fit for any occasion. I ordered my first one to test out the fit. I was sorry that the fabric was polyester but happy that the dress was fully lined and well made. It gave me confidence in ordering other garments from the maker.

I have also noticed that they make only a few silhouettes. This makes ordering a garment after finding one that fits easy. If I needed another maxi dress, I could order the second one and feel confident the size would fit. I also realize that sewing the same shape makes it easier to maintain high quality. I can attest to the nice seam lines and great fit for the dress and if I needed more garments, I would not hesitate to try a different silhouette from this manufacturer and not simply because they are local.

Have a look and when you really need a new garment, think about supporting a company that is keeping it local.


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