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Becoming a Fashion Creator

Weaving, knitting and crocheting designs? Trying to figure out new stitches and make the clothes fit? Me too! I have learned a few things and that maybe be obvious to you - but they weren't to me at the start of this journey about one-year ago. Below, YouTube and figuring out a crochet skirt.

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Let's talk crochet and woven creations. How to become a design creator for yourself.

I crocheted as a young person in Girl Scouts. I created the ubiquitous snakes curling up when doing double and triple crochet. I even ventured a granny square afghan but when I tried more daring stitches and complex designs they typically turned out skewed and looked more like something to clean the floor than a treasured item.

Some may be shaking their heads at this point asking why I didn't go to YouTube? It didn't exist when I was young! I had to go to the library and check out a book and try to figure out their diagrams, no live action!

My Crochet Skirt

It didn't start out seeming that difficult - then came the directions.

I finished it! DK weight wool crocheted skirt for summer OR with leggings just right for winter.

The skirt above contained LOTS of stitch changes, but that never stops me from thinking I can do something. Now, I just rely upon YouTube and say hell yeah when trying a new pattern.

Well, then I began reading the directions. The site was Norwegian and I think the directions were translated. They were very brief - VERY BRIEF. I am new to following stitch diagrams only, I like it written out as well to double check. And, the top of the skirt had buttons to fit at the waist - a stitch diagram doesn't show that. I started the skirt, and then realized I didn't quite understand what I needed to do. I restarted the skirt, and again, and then I got desperate and emailed a friend for help. She is busy and a knitter and couldn't help me right away. I can be impatient, so...

But, then I thought - YouTube answers all - could it be someone made the skirt and uploaded a video about it?

I entered the skirt name in YouTube - and presto! A video came up. The video was long, very long. Even though I tried to be patient, I couldn't watch it in its entirety. Then, I saw what I was looking for the the video summary - a link to written directions transforming what I could not understand into a row by row format. I was on my way and able to finish the skirt.

If one looks closely you will spot that I some rows are a bit different as I began to understand the pattern and compare to images provided. But, as many knitters and crocheters say - never undo work - no one will notice! And, so far I have only gotten compliments. Though maybe I should not allow a true artisan too close!


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