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Loss & Crafting toward Peace

When life hits you in the gut, crochet and knit can help you find a path forward.

Visible Mending with color - Saving a hat eaten by doggie

The Holidays, Grief and Loss

After the holidays I was set to get back to blogging and prepare for my 1-year challenge anniversary coming up on Earth Day. Everything changed when I learned that a mentor of several decades was ill and then died before I could visit.

The loss was overwhelming and I simply could not function fully. I was deep in mourning and grief. And, I realized it was not only the loss of an important person in my life, but a reminder that I am no longer young. Like losing your parents, this was a life-changing event that is difficult to describe.

It's making me question what I'm doing in the latter chapters of my life. With this deep reflection and inward thinking, I have also been continuing to work as I must and knitting and crocheting when I can.

The Why behind Knitting and Crocheting through grief

Knitting and Crocheting are meditative activities and have allowed my mind time to process this loss and work on my next chapter. I still don't have all the answers around my future path, but I will trust the universe to show me ways to move forward as I learn to live with the grief that has visited me for the past couple of months.

Winter is a good time to reflect and spend more time indoors. I have spent my time making gifts for others, items for myself with varying degrees of success, and reviewing projects left undone.

Amigurumi Crochet brings Joy

I tried my hand at amigurumi figures for a friend's baby shower. These are essentially crocheted small stuffed items from vegetables to animals and beyond. It appears they are all constructed from single crochet and therefore a nice place to start for those just learning the craft.

But, be careful, lots of small bits can make some parts more challenging to crochet nicely. You also have to sew on pieces to create the final figure, which, depending upon the pieces, can be a bit challenging for a polished end product.

Timbo Vest made with aran weight Bloom Woolen Yarns

Creating Wearable Pieces

I am still working on a vest that I have had to take apart a few times to figure out fit and am wearing a second vest that was a breeze to knit after getting down the pattern of knits and purls.

Both taught me to be patient and trust that with work, things will turn out. The vest on the right was created with Bloom Woolen Yarns. The aran weight yarn was slightly thicker than the gauge on the pattern. So, I did a bit of math and ended up with a neckline wider than the pattern but that I love! For a busty gal like myself, I might make the side panel go higher up around mid-bust, but overall the garment is great to wear when it is not so chilly but you need a bit of core warmth.

What is Old is New

My 1-year challenge anniversary will take place at the Monadnock Food Coop's Earth Day event. Last year, I started a garment to wear there made of lace weight merino wool. I've picked this back up as time is approaching, with the realization that knitting with lace weight yarn takes time!! I've also thought about trying my hand at recreating the top on my flat bed knitting machine.

"Woven" crochet coat from Glorious Crocheted Sweaters circa 80s

Finally, I've found alpaca and alpaca/wool blended yarns locally for my 80s styled crocheted coat. I haven't begun this project yet (yarn being dyed now!), but if you follow my Instagram you will have seen the image. I learned how to create this garment by asking an expert crochet instructor at the monthly Mill Hollow Works Fiber Support Group. Thank goodness she could help!

I am excited to work on this piece with some nerves about its weight and drape. But, I will trust my gut on this one and change the pattern if it seems to heavy. Stay tuned for more about it later in the summer.

Oh, and did I mention I'm picking up pieces created last year on my pin loom and felted in the washer for a panel skirt? Pictures soon!

Fibersheds Come Together to Meet

Spring is coming, even if snow is still on ground and I have also recently been joining in on calls for the Northern New England Fibershed's Round Table to be held May 20th, learn more here and sign up to join us if you are in the tri-state region.

Snow on the Ground

While I'm looking forward to the new season, winter has provided me with deeply needed time to turn inward. Mourning is essential and grief hits us all at our own rate. I'm still sad, but creating and reviewing what I have done this past year has helped me deal with the loss. Now I'm thinking about the future, which includes getting out again to visit farms and taking part in events that promote our local yarn and clothing economies. I hope you'll join me!


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