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Why I want to be Locally Dressed

Let's create a healthy relationship between Community and Clothing

My outward appearance should openly display my personal beliefs. For this to be true - the clothes I wear must be a reflection of what I value.

Up to the present, I have not lived this way. I spent years in fashion before starting my career in the sciences. During that time I developed a taste for clothing. Over the years I collected wardrobes in various sizes and styles. Like many, I have clothes I haven't worn in over three years in my closet.


I spent years enjoying going to the mall and shopping. But, I also began to be more mindful of the climate, my neighbors - close and far, and the inequities in our global market systems.


Last year I heard Rebecca Burgess of the Fibershed CA speak at Keene's Radically Rural conference. It became clear - the clothes on my back didn't match the sustainable values I had adopted. This needed to change but I am not a fiber or clothing expert. What could I do to support my local community while doing so in a sustainable way?

The answer - create Locally Dressed.

Here, I will reach out to the community of fiber experts locally and regionally and share what I learn while collecting garments to change my wardrobe to be

Locally Dressed.

How can I do this?

Who can I purchase clothing and fiber from?

Join me on this journey of discovery.

I am seeking fiber clothing makers to help me on my quest to gather clothing. Contact me!

hailey head shot.jpeg

New Fiber Collaborator

I'm happy to announce the collaboration between myself and Hailey Mackey on machine knitting designs with all local fibers.

Kelly Fletcher Photography

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