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Why I want to be Locally Dressed

Let's create a healthy relationship between Community and Clothing

My outward appearance should openly display my personal beliefs. For this to be true - the clothes I wear must be a reflection of what I value.

I spent years in fashion before starting my career in the sciences. During that time I developed a taste for clothing. Over the years I collected wardrobes in various sizes and styles. Like many, I have clothes I haven't worn in years in my closet.


I spent years enjoying going to the mall and shopping. But, I also began to be more mindful of the climate, my neighbors - close and far, and the inequities in our global market systems.


In 2021 I heard Rebecca Burgess of the Fibershed CA speak at Keene's Radically Rural conference. It became clear - the clothes on my back didn't match the sustainable values I had adopted. This needed to change but I wasn't a fiber or clothing expert. What could I do to support my local community while doing so in a sustainable way?

The answer - create Locally Dressed and challenge myself to wear local clothing for 1-year.


I celebrated one year in local clothing* on
Earth Day 2023.


It wasn't always easy, but it was well worth the effort. I learned to make do with less. Having less to wear enabled me to spend more time on things I really value such as making regional fiber connections.

Locally Dressed.

The journey didn't end with my year in local clothing.

Join me on the continued journey of discovery.

* When clothing wasn't available locally I upcycled my own or swapped clothing. I also purchased items from NC Fibershed businesses as well as clothing produced locally with sustainable deadstock material.


Kelly Fletcher Photography

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