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Got a Local Jacket?

Check mine out—made of wool grown and woven in MA, milled in and sewn in VT.

I'm gloriously warm in this winter wonderland wearing my locally created bomber jacket! (and, hat and gloves!)

I've blogged about Slow Process before, but I wanted to share a collaboration that grew from my desire to wear local fashions. Sam from Slow Process creates beautiful bomber jackets from antique bedspreads, but I wanted my jacket to be locally woven wool to keep me extra warm for the cold New Hampshire winter days.

The Answer?

Combine the talents of regional makers to create a jacket from the same coat pattern but with locally grown and woven fiber.

The Players...

Peaked Mountain Homestead grew the Shetland wool on their farm in MA and had their fiber milled in Putney, VT at the Green Mountain Spinnery. The wool was then woven into fabric at Bedfellows Blankets also in MA and sent back to the Homestead for sale. I was lucky enough to be at the Spinnery to see a vest made with the material being worn by Andy from Peaked Mountain. That serendipity led to my purchase of the material for slacks (not yet made).

Then, months later when I connected with Slow Process and asked about the bomber jackets, I remembered this awesome wool and asked Sam if he was willing to work with it to create a local jacket for me. Luckily, Sam said yes!

I purchased more material, sent it to Sam, and waited! It was August so I didn't need it right away and Sam needed time to fit it into his clothing line creation. I happened to be going to Burlington (here's a blog about my road trip) and stopped by his shop to try a jacket or two on and ensure a good fit. That was worth the trip as I found the right fit, and now I just needed to wait for it. That was the hard part!!

Worth the Wait

I was so happy when Sam emailed me and popped my new jacket in the mail. It arrived quickly and although it hasn't been too cold here yet, I'm happy to have it large enough for layering.

I wanted to share details of the coat because it's a beauty and the exquisite craftmanship is so apparent to everyone that sees it in person. No detail too small. I love the inside pocket large enough for my phone, the rounded, outer pockets I use for gloves and that it is ready to hang on a hook for easy access.

Sam opted for buttons rather than snaps because the wool, unlike the antique materials he typically works with, has more give. I appreciate his care in creating this jacket for me, and I know I will enjoy wearing it for the rest of my days.

Slow Process Dedicated to Local

It was very cool to hear that Sam had been in contact with Peggy Hart before I reached out about my coat! He's working with Peggy Hart to create garments with local wool woven fabric. Check out his Instagram as he shares these creations such as his herringbone Windrow Vest and heathered Windrow Vest.

I hope to see others in these local fibers and garments soon! Let's support local on every level from farm to fashion and keep local dollars here in our community.


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