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The Launch has a Location

I'm launching my challenge in April. So rather than a regular full length blog, I will mix blog posts with updates to local events and articles I'm reading. Hope to see you at an event soon!

In-Person Challenge Launch!

The Locally Dressed Challenge launch has a home! It will take place on April 23rd. Come by and visit my table at the Monadnock Food Coop's Earth Day event on Railroad Square, Keene, NH, 12:00-4:00 pm. There will be many local exhibitors. Mark your calendars! You will find this event and others on my new event calendar - check it out.

Have a fiber event? Contact me!

A Few Articles I Have Been Reading

Slow Fashion Influencers:

New York Times article takes on the quandary of Slow Fashion Influencers. Are these influencers healing a broken fashion system? On some level, aren't these influencers greenwishing? Are these influencers letting us feel OK about continuing to consume at high rates?

This article reminded me that slowing down takes place not only in line at a retail establishment but also inside my mind. Americans live at a frenetic pace. I wonder if fast fashion, in part, is a result of this pace. I will be thinking about that for some time to come. I will also be working on slowing down to the rhythms of nature. Living in harmony with it, not trying to dominate it.

Plastic Bottle Sportwear:

This Ecocult blog writes about recycled plastic clothing. Recycled sportswear is popular, but is there a dirty side to these recycled fabrics? Go on a journey that provides a moral. Sometimes we think we know what is bad for us, but maybe we don't.

A New Book Reviewed:

The Economist wrote a review of Sofi Thanhauser's book Worn: A People's History of Clothing, and I am ordering it. This is a story of one woman's journey through the clothing industry and its people. Her journey delves into clothing's history and looks at the state of the industry today. She focuses on different natural fibers "linen, cotton, silk, synthetics, and wool."


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